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We are proud to say that we retain 100% of our landlords year on year

That’s down to our dedication to being your best personal property partner. We will never ask you to sign landlord tie in contract.

As your personal property partner, we’re dedicated to our mission – offer the most personalised and hassle-free property advice in the local area.

We can take care of everything from valuation to managing your whole portfolio, so you can focus on making the most of having a property to let. And we are focused on delivering excellent value, so we offer more even at a valuation stage.

Your property is our priority.

Below you can find some of the highlights of our cooperation

  • Transparency – You always know what you are paying for – there are no hidden fees or small print clauses anywhere
  • Accessibility – All documents are stored safely and securely, and you, or your tenants, can access them at all times
  • Convenience – PropertyFile, an online login system, keeps you in touch with your tenants and us
  • Support – We never leave you hanging, and we can respond swiftly 24/7
  • You’re on top of the list – Our partner company manages all maintenance aspects of our client’s properties, which means priority response time treatment and guarantees from experienced professionals

If you want all the details – get in touch →

What you can expect

Step 1: Valuation and planning

  • takes up to 1h
  • remember, all privately let homes are required to achieve a minimum energy rating of Band E on the EPC (we can help with that)
  • call us on 01386 443 597 or use our contact form to arrange

You get an estimated rent per calendar month, expected rent if there’s room for upgrades – as well as a detailed plan of how to achieve it. It’s one of the best ways for you to get to know and see if we are a good fit for your growing portfolio. So we decided to make the most of it. When letting agents and property management companies look at the property, what you can expect from them is the price you are most likely to get per calendar month.

Naturally, you’ll get that from us, but that’s not all. We look at what the property is and what it can be. This is where our experience on the market comes into play. We have upgraded several properties so far and know what can be achieved with proper planning, consistency and good business partners – because effectively this is what we become. Some property upgrade plans, especially if we are talking about eco retrofits, are written to be fulfilled over a few years – by design.

We want you to be able to upgrade the property, comply with (or stay ahead of!) the legislation and stay on budget at all times. And remember, you can deduct those expenses from your tax, so it’s a win-win situation. All this to see the property market going from strength to strength, just as our clients are.

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Step 2: Technicalities

Once you decide we are the right partner for you, we go through all t’s and c’s so that everything is clear, and then we create your profile on the PropertyFile system. It’s relatively straightforward and worth using, as – in our experience – this is one of the best ways of keeping in touch with your tenants and us.

Step 3: Promotion

We can take care of everything, including photography, professional description, setting up, launching and managing your property’s advertising campaign. Everything is geared towards attracting the right tenant. Look at our search bar on the home page to see how we do it – your property can be a part of that mix.

Step 4: Viewings, reference checks and paperwork

Depending on the level of service you require, we can handle it all – finding tenants, vetting them and dealing with all necessary paperwork (that can include storing all the important documents as well).

We do it all in house so that you can count on a consistent level of dedication and attention to detail through every stage of the process.

Step 5: Let us look after your home and your tenant

Once the right people are in, we can also manage the property during the tenancy. This means peace of mind for your tenants and you, as you both know who to contact 24/7. For you, it’s one less thing to worry about; you are left to enjoy the profits of having a property to let brings. Of course, there is a fee – but it is tax-deductible!

Click on the image to see Progression Timeline and how our process looks like.

Download our landlord property management guide document to enhance your property management skills !

A guide to successful property management…

Our landlord management agency offers our landlords a free advice & guidance to help achieve successful property management. With us, landlord management agency, advice & guidance comes at no extra costs. 

Download the PDF document below to read more about how to achieve successful property management.

Get professional landlord support from expert landlord managers

Our landlord guidance document is packed with a wealth of knowledge and covers a wide range of topics that are essential for successful property management. Elevate your rental property management game by downloading our property management guide now !

Are you seeking expert advice and guidance to enhance your property management skills? Look no further! We are thrilled to introduce our comprehensive landlord support agency Eversham & Worcester & Warwickshire, designed specifically to meet your needs and elevate your rental property management game.

If you are a landlord in Eversham, Worcester, Warwickshire and surrounding areas, we invite you to work with us, your expert landlord support agency.

The proof is in the price-list

This is what you can get when working with Gallery Properties, have a look at the list of services and see if this is something your portfolio could benefit from.

List of services and fees →

Let’s talk about how we can work together

By the way, you can switch agents mid-tenancy, and we can handle the handover process for you as well, so if you like what you see, email us or give us a call.

Want to move to us?

We are frequently approached by landlords asking us how easy is it to switch their current managing or letting agent. The normal reason for wanting to switch are due to a poor service or more recently we’ve had landlords feel disappointed that their property has been transferred to another agent entirely!

You are able to switch mid-tenancy…

Many landlords assume that they are unable to switch agent mid tenancy, and that it is better to wait until the current tenant has given notice to leave before it is acceptable to switch agents. This isn’t always the case and it isn’t something you have to do yourself, we can take care of everything for you!

You can try us for free…

FREE full management for 60 days. Subject to terms & conditions – contact us for more details.

  • In-house comprehensive maintenance team
  • Dedicated contact across your portfolio
  • Unique 2-tier vetting process


As a landlord, there’s something you should know…

Energy Performance Certificate requirements are about to change – minimum Band C will be mandatory from 2025

The legislation with which the landlords achieve to deal with can be overwhelming. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of it. Trying to go through all of it at once and ensure you comply is a task in itself. There are over 180 pieces of legislation to be aware of. And the number is growing.

We can help – we have been studying it for years, and keeping track of it has become our second nature. We know it, and we understand what it means for our properties and landlords. We are happy to guide you through it all and show you the best way to for you and your portfolio.

Don’t be stuck – together, we can work it out.

We keep our clients up to date with the existing and upcoming legal requirements so that they are hardly ever surprised by such changes. These days being ‘caught up’ is almost not enough, we need to keep ahead of the game.

Remember, you can write our services off your tax

And we can advise on how best to invest – property is our business, after all! It is not a new law but one that is often overlooked. And it pays off to remember this one. We make sure our clients play by the rules and use them to their advantage.

It can be a win-win situation

What type of property to buy next? When to sell? Where to sell? We thrive when clients ask us these questions. We hope you will too! Treat us as your team, because that is what we become. Choose the best package and let’s make your property work for you to its full potential. 

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