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Renters Reform Bill Faces Over 200 Amendments in Parliament

Renters Reform Bill Faces Over 200 Amendments in Parliament

The Renters Reform Bill, currently making its way through the UK Parliament, has been met with a record number of amendments. Over 200 proposals for changes have been submitted, highlighting the contentious nature of the legislation.

One key amendment focuses on tenant notice periods. Conservative MP Anthony Mangnall, backed by several colleagues, proposes that tenants be unable to give notice to leave for the first four months of their tenancy. This would provide landlords with greater assurance of a stable occupancy.

Another amendment, from Labour MP Alex Sobel, aims to ban landlords from requiring rent guarantors or upfront payments from prospective tenants. This would improve access to housing for those who may struggle to meet such demands.

The sheer number of amendments suggests a significant debate ahead for the bill. It’s likely to take considerable time before a final version is reached.

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