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From Derelict to Delight: Reviving a Neglected Evesham Property


From Derelict to Delight: Reviving a Neglected Evesham Property
Here at The Gallery Properties, we’re passionate about transforming neglected properties into thriving rentals. Today’s case study showcases how our proactive approach rescued a client’s investment from a state of disrepair and secured a fantastic tenant at a significantly higher rental rate.

The Challenge:

Our new client inherited a property that had been managed by another agent. Unfortunately, a lack of regular inspections had resulted in a series of problems. The property was in a poor state of repair, with unaddressed maintenance issues and evidence of an unauthorised pet. The overall presentation was unattractive, posing a significant challenge in attracting high-quality tenants.

Our Solution:

  1. Comprehensive Assessment: We conducted a thorough inspection of the property, identifying all necessary repairs and improvements.
  2. Collaborative Planning: Working closely with the owner and a trusted building team, we developed a detailed plan of works. This prioritised essential repairs, addressed energy efficiency upgrades, and incorporated aesthetic improvements to enhance the property’s appeal. This included a new kitchen, new flooring, electrical upgrades, and landscaping the garden.
  3. Proactive Marketing: Recognising the importance of minimising void periods, we started marketing the property before renovation began. We created engaging video content showcasing the “work in progress,” allowing potential tenants to visualize the finished product.
  4. Safe & Efficient Viewings: Coordinating closely with the building team, we scheduled viewings strategically to ensure safety during renovations. This minimised disruption for both potential tenants and the construction team.
  5. Securing a High-Quality Tenant: Our proactive approach paid off. We attracted multiple interested parties and secured three strong applications. Ultimately, we placed a fantastic tenant at a rental rate significantly higher than what the property was previously achieving.

The Outcome:

The transformation of the property was remarkable. The new tenant moved in delighted with the upgraded home. Most importantly, the proactive improvements significantly increased the rental value of the property, boosting our client’s return on investment.

Five Key Takeaways for Successful Property Management:

  1. Regular Inspections: Proactive maintenance is key to preventing costly repairs and tenant dissatisfaction.
  2. Open Communication: Collaborative planning with clients and contractors ensures shared goals and a smooth renovation process.
  3. Strategic Marketing: Don’t wait for renovations to finish – showcase the potential with engaging content.
  4. Safety First: Prioritise safety for tenants and contractors during any refurbishment work.
  5. High Standards: Investing in property improvements attracts better tenants and maximises rental income.

By putting these principles into practice, we’re committed to exceeding our client’s expectations and ensuring your Evesham property thrives.

The Gallery Properties can transform your rental property into a success story. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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